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Contact Information:

Committee Chairperson Gary Walter (City of Clarinda) 712-542-2136
Air Show Steve Mowery (Medicap Pharmacy) 712-542-6546
Entertainment Judi Coppock 712-542-5373
Food Vending Dan Fuller (Hy-Vee) 712-542-5142
Displays and Product Vending Pat Davison (Clarinda Chamber)  712-542-2166
Advertising Steve Snook (Clarinda Herald Journal) 712-542-2181
  Elaine Farwell (Clarinda Chamber) 712-542-2166
   Arlene Leonard (Glenn Miller Office) 712-542-2461
Fundraising Jon Baier  (Bank Iowa) 712-542-2121
Safety Keith Brothers (Clarinda Police Department) 712-542-2194
First Aid Mike Kirsch (Eickemeyer Funeral Home)  712-542-4200

Additional Committee Members:
Bonnie Hanes (Clarinda Academy), Paul Morgan (Hy-Vee), Roger Williams (Clarinda Fire Department), Ken Garrett (Garrett Real Estate), Kent Dinnebier (Clarinda Herald Journal), Bill West (Logan Studio), Kathy Wagoner (City of Clarinda) and Steve Stogdill (City of Clarinda).


Clarinda Chamber of Commerce

City of Clarinda

Fly Iowa


Vending Information:

For information on participating in Fly Iowa 2005 as a Food, Merchandise or Product Vender, please click on the link above for more information.


Entertainment Information:

For information on exciting entertainment action during the Fly Iowa 2005 event, click on the link above!


Education Displays and Activities:

Clarinda, Iowa will be the site of Fly Iowa 2005 on September 10-11, 2005.  If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor in this aviation event, which is expected to attract 10,000 15,000 people, please click on the link above for more information.


Lodging and Accommodations:

Information on Clarinda restaurants and area over-night accommodations, including motels, bed and breakfasts and RV parks.


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